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TV stations: default passwords are no protection against zombie apocalypse

TV stations learn that default passwords are no protection against zombie apocalypse

| The Verge

The Real Facts Behind Recent Attack Ad Against President Obama

The Washington Post fact-checked the original attack ad against Obama showing that all of the claims in that ad were false. This is a statement from the campaign giving the actual facts. Whether you are an Obama supporter, a Democrat or a Republican, you should care about this because knowing the truth about what is actually being done by the current administration is important to making an informed decision in the upcoming election. Please share this.

Worst PowerPoint slide *ever*

The PowerPoint slide meant to demonstrate military strategy in Afghanistan wins my award for worst PowerPoint slide ever. And I’ve seen some pretty bad PowerPoint slides. This NY Times article provides an interesting discussion of it and contains the following, and might I say quite humorous quote, by General Stanley McChrystal: “When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war.” Here’s the slide: