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Verizon Has Blocked Access To 4chan

The notoriously awful 4chan, home of Anonymous, has been blocked by Verizon. (From what I understand this is only on their wireless network, but I’m not entirely sure.) Regardless, as much as I truly hate them and their misogynistic tenets and peculiar ideas about what constitutes “lulz.,” I can’t condone any type of censorship. The following article on Gizmodo provides more information.

Verizon Has Blocked Access To 4chan, But What Are They Gonna Do About It? – Verizon 4chan – Gizmodo.

To read more about Anonymous and their oh-so-unimpressive exploits, check out my paper, “Healing as (We)blog in a ‘Show Tits’  or ‘GTFO’ World”. (Not my best work, but it gives a general overview.) You might also want to check out the digital version of my poster session–“A Rape Culture in Cyberspace”.

Social media and free speech in the classroom

While researching the use of Facebook in the classroom (I’m trying to find a way to create a version of my profile that allows me to be friends with my students while limiting the information that they can see and allowing them to limit the information that I can see. Not finding a way without creating an entirely new profile) I ran across an article about clear violations of free speech with regards to students using social media. Am I talking about posting status updates in the classroom? The use of disruptive technologies? Nope. I’m talking about a coach who required a student to provide said coach with her Facebook account information (including password), reading her private messages, and then penalizing her for the use of inappropriate language in her messages. Wow, I guess if you’re under eighteen freedom of speech isn’t allowed, even in the private sphere. Read about it at Citizen Media Law Project.