fourteen stitches and a black eye

Well, once again the universe steps in and prevents me from blogging (or getting additional work done).  In the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 4th, I suffered an atonic seizure causing me to fall and hit my head on the ground.  Fortunately, the person who I had just said goodbye to heard me collapse (just a thud; I didn’t cry out).  I was knocked unconscious and suffered a three and a half inch gash above and around my left eye. I was rushed to the emergency room where I laid, head in a cervical collar, for several hours while they poked, prodded and scanned me to determine whether or not I had broken my neck or spine.  During this process they cut my clothes off of me (favorite black sweater is now literally on the scrap heap of life) and put in a catheter (least fun procedure of the evening).  To make this story brief, after the doctor put in fourteen stitches and washed the blood off of my face and hands, I was released to friend who so kindly came to pick me up at 5:30 in the morning.  The past few days have been difficult at best.  I’ve had some residual cognitive problems and have been unable to drive. I’ve also had to replace my glasses, which were busted in the fall as well as my coat and scarf which were covered in blood.  Most significantly, I have noticed how much people stare when you have a giant gash on your forehead and a black eye.  They are also comfortable asking me a multitude of questions regarding my wounds.

To add a few notes of explanation: I had my tonic seizure while I was walking across the street. This means that I was laying in the street.  I am thankful that someone heard me fall and that I did not fall in front of traffic.  In addition, I am thankful that I still have all of my teeth, did not injure my eye itself, and did not break any bones.  This could have been much worse.  So, reader, I am still alive and typing away.

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  1. As it turns out, I probably suffered a tonic seizure (rather than an atonic one). Basically, this means that I fell much like a tree– t-i-m-b-e-r–right onto my head. Good times. On the plus side, I am doing much better. My black eyes are gone and the scar, while still red and obvious, is starting to heal. It still hurts (especially the looking at it part) but overall it’s getting better and so am I. Thanks to all of you who have shown your concern. I appreciate all of the emails, phone calls, and facebook messages.


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