Friday Link Roundup

…a little late. I seem to be having difficulty getting my link roundup out on Fridays. Maybe I should just call it the “Weekly Link Roundup.” Hmmm, we’ll see. Anyway, here are the links for, uhm, last week.

Intellectuals do not understand the genius of the market. They ignore empirical evidence. They are elitists. They operate with ideological blinders. Ultimately, they are “unaccountable to the external world.” They judge ideas by how clever or complex they are, not whether they work.

Jacoby also notes that Sowell

writes that his book is “about intellectuals,” but not “for intellectuals,” and he cannot be bothered if his victims find fault with him. But who besides intellectuals would be reading a book on intellectuals?

Ultimately, Jacoby offers a fairly scathing review of Sowell’s poorly argued text.