thar she tweets

Some of you may be wondering: what the eff is up with these “Twitter Updates for [insert date here]” that I keep seeing on rhetoricat? Well, this is my attempt to share more with the world by both encouraging myself to tweet (because when I tweet it will show up as a blog post) and shoring up my actual blog entries (because my tweets become blog posts). Basically, I’m being a bit of a copy cat (pun intended). I follow the blog, pedablogical and tengrrl (her blogging name and twitter handle) uses her blog as both a place to post her thoughts in the form of more traditional blog posts and as a place to share her tweets. Using Twitter Tools, a Word Press add on, she shares items culled from her daily web browsing. Twitter Tools allows you to set a specific time when it will gather together your daily tweets and post them in digest form as a blog entry. I’ve decided to jump on tengrrrl’s bandwagon and do the same. Since most of my tweets tend to be links anyway, I don’t have to worry about too many irrelevant posts popping up. However, my interests are wide and varied, which means that the digest of my tweets is an odd hodge-podge leaving the reader with a big fat cartoon question mark over her head. For that reason, I’ll break it down for you like so:

The links that I tweet are those that I find interesting and will primarily (though not exclusively) deal with

  • academia/education
  • feminist issues
  • technology
  • politics/activism/social action

Of course this isn’t an exclusive list, but it should give a general idea.