Opposing a minimum wage hike could be costly for the GOP — MSNBC

Opposing a minimum wage hike could be costly for the GOP — MSNBC

The Ad Hominem Attack is Alive and Well on the Internet and in Politics

I just did something that I never do, which is comment on a website where people are mostly posting crazy, ad hominem attacks, but it was about the election and who would win and some woman had posted that we couldn’t handle four more years of Obama’s hand in the till (which struck me as a “huh?” kind of comment) and when I read the others…well, here’s what I said:

“Hand in the till? Your comment doesn’t actually make sense, and the rest of your comments are ad hominem attacks. In fact, many of these replies have very little substance. Name-calling and charges to leave the country if you don’t like it? Is this really the best that you can do to argue for or against a candidate? Perhaps those who claim that Obama is anti-American and has a socialist agenda could explain how and give specific examples that provide evidence of anti-American leanings and particular socialist policies that he has enacted. Be sure to explain how they actually fit into the definition of socialist, not just that you think they are socialist. I keep hearing terms thrown around, and the way that they are being used makes me wonder how those terms are being defined. If you are going to argue about a point and actually expect to convince anyone that your point is valid, you need to do more than sling names and repeat media hype. We have a responsibility as American citizens to put aside our prejudices, our emotions, and our knee-jerk reactions, and look at the facts behind this election. As voters, we should be examining each candidate carefully, not by relying on political ads and often repeated media hype, but by actually researching who they are, what they’ve done, and the feasibility of their plans for the future. Be informed voters. You owe it to yourselves and the rest of us.”

After posting this I had a surprising number of positive comments. However, one person posted that she had done her research and she did know the facts, which is why she is voting for Romney. Again, none of these facts or research were mentioned in her comment and since her other comments had been of the name-calling variety, I chose to respond:

I’m glad that you’ve done your research and have your facts, but all you said to [name redacted] was that she sounded “young and ignorant” and you hoped she wasn’t old enough to vote. How about passing along some of those facts to her instead or maybe just pointing her to a website that you think would be helpful. Otherwise, it’s just name calling.

I received no response after that. I realize that this is common among message boards and in commenting. I see it all the time and usually ignore it. Typically, it is a waste of time to engage people who clearly have no desire to do anything other than vent mindlessly. However, in this instance I felt that the stakes were just too high. This is a presidential election. If maybe, just maybe, one person reconsiders (and it would probably be a reader not a commenter) their position and decides to do a little research before voting then it will have been worth it. We not only need to “Get Out the Vote” but we need informed voters to get out there.

The Real Facts Behind Recent Attack Ad Against President Obama

The Washington Post fact-checked the original attack ad against Obama showing that all of the claims in that ad were false. This is a statement from the campaign giving the actual facts. Whether you are an Obama supporter, a Democrat or a Republican, you should care about this because knowing the truth about what is actually being done by the current administration is important to making an informed decision in the upcoming election. Please share this.

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  • Day 2 in Paris and I will never think of coffee the same way again. #

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gay rights are human rights

Gay rights are human rights, and this woman tells us how.


migraines and NSAIDS and dissertations, oh my!

Well, it has been a week of migraines. My normal med, Fioricet, wasn’t working but was still giving me the “saps all my energy for a day” side effect, so I called my neurologist. Of course it took over a day for him to get back to me and then it was to tell me to take the NSAID powder he had given me a sample of. Interestingly, my memory of the instructions were that I was only to take it before the migraine became full-blown. So, I took it and so far it seems to be working. I’m dizzy and it tasted awful, but it seems to have at least temporarily knocked out the major pain of the migraine. I’m still left with the fun fogginess and dizziness that are the lovely side effects of all of these meds. However, it is better than the mind crushing pain of the migraine. So now I’m back at my desk preparing to respond to the email interviews that I began this week. (Hence, the “dissertation” part of this title.) The migraines have slowed me down, but I’ve used the foggy moments, during which time writing is not an option, to organize my notes, collate some of the collected data, and enter sources into my Sente database. Hopefully, I can write a post soon on my digital workflow. For now, suffice it to say I have made great progress in my (finally re-approved by the IRB) research study, thanks to the help of my participants, who have been wonderfully forthcoming in answering surveys and now interview questions. To any of you who read this, thank you so much! I’m so lucky to have a set of participants who believe in the importance of this research. It really keeps me going through these times of my own personal difficulties.

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